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Frequently Asked Questions

For domestic employers

Have Questions about our service and app? Have a look at our FAQ below, which consists of the most popular questions usually asked, if you don’t see your question below, you are more than welcome to message us or call us and we will be more than happy to assist you!

Download and register in the app.  On the home screen you will find an “Invite” button.  Simply click on it and follow the steps.  This will invite your domestic worker and once they have accepted the invite, create the employment link between you.

Yes.  The mobile app only runs on a smart phone. To download it, you must have access to an email address which is used to log into a mobile application, such as Google Play or Apple App Store.

Yes.  Certain employee features will obviously go unused, such as the sign-in register. You can still use the mobile for the HR management portion.  Contact our support to assist you in setting up a profile for your employee.

No problem.  As employer it is your responsibility to register your employees for UIF.  We can assist you with the process using the mobile app.  Click on the top left menu in the app and click on “More” and select “Registrations (UIF)”.  Follow the steps provided.

es, you can.  You are not obliged to pay the salary or wage into the MiVoice wallet, but we strongly suggest that you do.  The wallet has definite benefits for the employee and it creates a clear payment record for you.

Yes!  Only you can access your funds and no deductions are allowed. You can buy, spend and withdraw from your wallet.

There is a service fee of R 49 payable per month.  This pays for the financial, insurance and emergencies services.  The app remains free to use.

Yes and yes!  We have placed help files on various screens in the app.  Look out for the (i) button at the top of the screens.  It contains information relating to the screen you are on.  You will also find the red S button at the top of most screens.  This is a direct link to our support desk, available during office hours.

In the app, click on “HR – Employment”, “Employer HR Menu”, “My Employees” and select the employee you want the contract for.  In the purple headings, scroll to the right and click on “Legal Stuff”.  At the section that reads: “I have an employment contract in place”, select No, and then click on “Create Contract”.  The app will guide you further.

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