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For domestic employees

Have Questions about our service and app? Have a look at our FAQ below, which consists of the most popular questions usually asked, if you don’t see your question below, you are more than welcome to message us or call us and we will be more than happy to assist you!

This means your employer wants to use MiVoice, because of the amazing benefits it will give you.  In that SMS is a link that you can click to download the MiVoice DATA FREE mobile app.  Download and register in the app.  When you have done that, open the app and look for the envelope in the top right corner.  Click on it.  There will be a message for you.  Just click on the message and follow the instructions.

Nothing!  MiVoice is a DATA FREE app.  This means you can use it, even if you have no airtime, data or WiFi connection.  You just need to have a cellphone signal.

No.  There is a monthly service fee that your employer pays to use the app with you.  You do not pay anything as an employee.

The app is user friendly and step by step assistance is provided:

At the top of the screen you will find a red S button. Click on it to contact our support team. They will assist you.  

You can also use the info (i) button at the top of a screen to read the help section.

No, unfortunately not.  The MiVoice mobile app is not a job finding service

Yes!  Only you can access your funds and no deductions are allowed. You can buy, spend and withdraw from your wallet.

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