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Get Registered for UIF

You must be registered for UIF by your employer.  MiVoice can help your employer to do this.

Once you are registered, you and your employer must each pay 1% of your salary or wage to UIF every month.  For example, if you earn R 3 500 per month, it means you and your employer must each pay R 35 per month.

This will make it possible for you to claim UIF under certain circumstances, such as being retrenched, getting so sick that you cannot work, or having a baby and going on maternity leave.

If you receive an invitation from your employer to use MiVoice, download and install the DATA FREE mobile app and register.  In the app, look for the red S button at the top of the screen to contact our support.

If your employer is not using MiVoice, you can invite them or you can let us call them. Click here and enter your employer’s details, and we’ll call them.

get registered for UIF
get registered for UIF

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